Michelle Obama Launches Women for Obama

Michelle Obama Launches Women for Obama

Women for Obama seeks volunteers to help President Obama win re-election in 2012.

Published November 15, 2011

No matter who wins the Republican presidential nomination, President Obama is in for what will probably be the toughest fight for his political life. And because his campaign cannot afford to take any constituency for granted, First Lady Michelle Obama launched this week Women for Obama, a fundraising and grassroots group whose primary goal is to re-engage the people who supported her husband in 2008, attract new supporters and help get out the vote in 2012.


“This is a special group dedicated to growing this campaign from the ground up. Because we know better than anyone that movements for real and lasting change have got to start at the grassroots — and they’re sustained by the relationships we develop with one another,” Obama said in an e-mail to supporters. “Together, that’s what we’re going to do — build relationships with supporters, new and old, and grow this campaign — one woman at a time.”


The first lady said that throughout her travels around the nation she has met countless women who are “determined to leave a better world for our children and give them opportunities we never even dreamed of.” She also said that the president, who was raised by a single mother who sometimes struggled financially, understands the challenges that many women face as they struggle to make ends meet and make their children’s dreams come true.


Obama cited health care reform, higher education standards, job training programs at community colleges and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act as examples of the kinds of investments that Obama’s administration has made in women and families.


(Photo: REUTERS/Jason Reed)

Written by Joyce Jones


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