Tea Party Group Compares Obama to a Skunk

Tea Party Group Compares Obama to a Skunk

Tea Party group, the Patriot Freedom Alliance, says that a Web post comparing Obama to a skunk is satire, albeit politically incorrect.

Published December 12, 2011

What besides a skunk is half-black, half-white and almost everything it does stinks? According to a Tea Party group in Hutchinson, Kansas, the answer is President Obama. After posting a message comparing Obma, who is bi-racial, to a skunk on its Web site, the Patriot Freedom Alliance  defended it as satire, admittedly “satire in a politically incorrect form,” said Thomas Hyner, who maintains the site.


But Darrell Pope, president of the Hutchinson branch of the NAACP, isn’t laughing and has denounced the post as racist and malicious. In an interview with The Hutchinson News, Pope said that despite the Tea Party movement’s support of former presidential candidate Herman Cain, the skunk post is a “statement of what they’re all about” and is calling on the movement’s leaders to join him in his outrage.


They likely won't bother as the post has now been dropped from the Patriot Freedom Alliance's site.


Local Tea Party supporter Chuck Sankey told the publication that the message is that the nation is in trouble and what’s happening “doesn’t smell right.”


"It may be offensive to some, of course, but in humor there is always an element of truth," he said, adding that people who are offended by the post simply shouldn’t look at it.


Hymer said that he originally found the post on another Web site or received it in an email message. In his opinion, he said worse has been said about the Tea Party, citing a report that Vice President Joe Biden likened Tea Party Republicans in Congress to terrorists holding the debt crisis negotiations hostage, which the vice president has denied.


A Web site called Obama Forwards posted a similar message in 2010.


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(Photos: Julie Denesha/Getty Images; Courtesy of HutchNews.com)

Written by Joyce Jones


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