Anti-Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

Anti-Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

A bumper sticker uses "re-nig" as a racist play on the word "renege."

Published March 16, 2012

Right-wing groups have found all sorts of ways to express the horror they feel about having a Black man in the White House, but one effort sheds all pretense and tells the world how they really feel in ways that are sadly reminiscent of Jim Crow days and nights of Ku Klux Klan white sheet lynchings.

Sadly, Jim Crow Jr. lives on the Internet. A Website called Stumpy’s Stickers & Stuff is offering bumper stickers that take insults against President Obama to a whole new low. The most offensive sticker reads in large white type, “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012. Stop Repeat Offenders. Don’t Reelect Obama!”

Perhaps even sadder than the message is the assumption that people won’t get what they undoubtedly think is a clever attempt to disguise their use of the N-word by trying to trick them into thinking that they’re really seeing the word renege.

But the play on words isn’t the only offensive item Stumpy’s has on offer.

There’s a sticker featuring the words Obama ’12 and his image depicted as a chimpanzee and another that reads, “Lincoln Freed the Slaves. Obama’s Enslaving the Free!”

It costs as little as $2.99 to let such racist flags fly, but the true cost of such overt Obama racism may likely be the president’s winning re-election bid.

"They use it for recruiting," Roberta Clark of the Anti-Defamation League in Dallas, describing Internet hate groups, told WFAA-TV. "They use it for fundraising. They appear to use it for both those on this site, and they are successful with it."

It may be difficult to buy any of these hateful messages, however. All of a sudden, when one tries to click on the website, access to Sticky’s stuff is now being denied. Maybe the attention it’s getting is causing the owners to renege.

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Written by Joyce Jones


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