Gingrich Goes a Little Limbaugh on Obama

Gingrich Goes a Little Limbaugh on Obama

Newt Gingrich neglects to correct a voter who claims President Obama is a Muslim and also says that the president is radicalized and apologetic to terrorists.

Published March 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich likes to say he’s the Republican candidate with the biggest and boldest ideas. But he apparently believes that correcting voters on the campaign trail when they make comments about rivals that he knows to be blatantly untrue is too bold. At least that was the case when a voter in Lake Charles, Louisiana said Wednesday that President Obama is a Muslim and a student of Saul Alinsky, a radical community organizer who died in 1972.


Gingrich’s response was, “I agree with you about Alinsky. I think [Obama’s] driven by a radicalism to remake America and he doesn’t frankly care what level of pain it costs the rest of us.”


Later, when asked during an appearance on On the Record with Greta Van Sustern why he didn’t correct the man, Gingrich said it was “such total baloney” to think he should have done so and that he’s not obligated to “go around and correct every single voter about every single topic. I also didn’t agree with him.”


It’s an interesting assertion, given that the day before he tried to hold the president accountable for the racially sensitive “white first lady” joke actor Robert De Niro made at an Obama campaign fundraiser.


Gingrich also said that Obama is a Christian whose policies “apologize to Muslim extremists while they’re killing Americans at the same time that he’s waging war against the Catholic Church and against every right-to-life institution in this country.”


In 2008, Sen. John McCain had plenty of harsh things to say about Obama, but to his credit, he defended him as a “decent family man [and] citizen” when his supporters called Obama an “Arab” and “terrorist.”


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(Photo: AP Photo/The Daily Town Talk, Tia Owens-Powers)

Written by Joyce Jones


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