Throwback Thursday: Karen Bass, Community Organizer

photo from 1992. Rep. Karen Bass was the executive 
director of a Los Angeles non-profit called "Community Coalition." They were 
protesting outside of LA City Hall against proposed rules that would limit 
public testimony during city council discussions.  (Photo: Courtesy of Rep. Karen Bass)

Throwback Thursday: Karen Bass, Community Organizer

Rep. Karen Bass knows how to get things done.

Published July 10, 2014

When Rep. Karen Bass (D-California) is on a mission, she doesn't back down. In 1990, she founded the Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment in response to the crack cocaine epidemic that had devastated south Los Angeles in the '80s. By 1991, the organization set its sights on problematic liquor stores that certain communities across the nation have long had to endure. But in this case, karma was a you-know-what, and when riots broke out in L.A. in 1992, 200 of the stores burnt down.

"So, then we led a campaign to prevent them from reopening and we won," Bass told "This photo brings back a lot of very, very good memories. And the organization that I started is still going very strong."

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(Photo: Courtesy of Rep. Karen Bass)

Written by Joyce Jones


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