Woman Defends N-Word Rant With Constitution

Oak Street Beach

Woman Defends N-Word Rant With Constitution

Family outing to the beach takes a messy racist turn.

Published August 1, 2015

A family visit to Chicago's Oak Street Beach became a viral sensation, after a woman was caught on camera yelling at a Plainfield, Illinois mom.

So the story goes, the woman was upset that she was splashed with water by the mom's children, who are 4 and 8 years old, according to CBS News. The woman yelled at the two, and when the mom, Raquel Bolton, approached, the woman re-directed her anger towards Bolton and called her "n***er."

“I pulled out my camera and I videotaped the ignorance,” Bolton said. 


“[N***er] of course you haven’t graduated and you don’t know the Constitution of the United States and what it says!” the woman screams.

"What? That you can just walk around calling somebody a n***er?" Bolton asks. 

“Yes," she says, turning around for her close up. "It's called free speech in America. Right to free speech. Look. It. Up."

The historic document, which does protect certain speech, however, may not have been her best defense.

"That word in that context is incediary, akin to 'fighting words' and I don't believe protected by the first amendment," attorney Johnny Barnes, former Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation's Capital, told BET.com.

Watch the video below.

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(Photo: Raquel Bolton via YouTube)

Written by Chay Liberté


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