O.J. Simpson Is Shut Down

O.J. Simpson Is Shut Down

The seven-member Nevada Supreme Court unanimously declined to hear O.J. Simpson’s appeal of his nine to 33 year prison sentence on Tuesday.

Published May 18, 2011

It appears embattled ex-football star O.J. Simpson won’t be going home early from a Nevada prison.


The seven-member Nevada Supreme Court unanimously declined to hear Simpson’s appeal of his nine- to 33-year prison sentence on Tuesday. It shouldn’t have come as much surprise since three of the justices from the panel denied Simpson’s appeal last October and then refused to reconsider their position in February.


Simpson has been sitting in prison since being convicted in 2007 of armed robbery against two sports memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas casino hotel room. Simpson, 63, showed up with friends to attempt to retrieve some items stolen from him. Instead, Simpson and his friends were found in the wrong.


The belief has always been this was an attempt by lawmakers to right a widely believed wrong when Simpson was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife and her male friend back in the 1990s. Simpson isn’t subjected to the prison term many feel he deserves, but this prison time is better than watching him continue to be free and live a lavish life.


So it’s likely Simpson will do every minute of his sentence.


"What judge wants to be put in the position that they let O.J. go free?" Simpson’s lawyer Malcolm LaVergne said during an interview with reporters in Nevada. "We'll work now within the federal court system. That's our option at this point."


"This is not a fair result for Mr. Simpson, given the facts of the case," LaVergne continued.


The basis for the appeal was that Simpson didn’t intend to rob anyone. He simply showed up to retrieve items that were stolen from him. LaVergne plans to now appeal the case before a federal court.


Simpson should have a leg to stand on because others in his entourage have all gotten off with much lighter sentences.


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