NFLPA Makes Right Call in Deciding to Hold Rookie Symposium

NFLPA Makes Right Call in Deciding to Hold Rookie Symposium

The players union makes the decision after the NFL owners decide to pull the plug on its annual rookie gathering.

Published June 3, 2011

Okay, there isn’t an NFL Players Association anymore because that body dissolved in order for the players to be able to sue the owners to end the current lockout.


But nod, nod, wink, wink, we all know the NFLPA still exits.


And it’s a good thing because the body representing the players’ interest got it right this time with the decision to hold a Rookie Symposium after the owners opted out of the beneficial gathering last week due to lockout issues.


The NFLPA, which probably should have always taken up the charge of conducting the Rookie Symposium, will hold its two-day session with all 254 drafted rookies June 28 and 29 in Washington D.C. and will cover all the costs. During the meetings, titled “The Business of Football, Rookie Edition,” the players will be schooled on financial issues awaiting them and also discuss conduct on and off the field among other critical issues.


This is especially important this offseason with none of the players allowed to have contact with their respective teams due to the lockout. Most of the rookies, who were drafted in April, have pretty much been left to figure it out.


The annual NFL Rookie Symposium would have been held at the end of June in Canton, Ohio.


"I'm very happy that the former union made this decision," agent David Canter told the Associated Press. "The symposium is a great experience for all players. For this year's class, it's even more valuable because of the lack of information. And this will be the first time all of these players have been able to meet."


Other agents looking to get their clients involved are also pleased the NFLPA has taken up the charge to bring the rookies together.


"Great idea and I'm all for it," agent Drew Rosenhaus said in an email to the AP. "I'm glad the NFLPA stepped in and kept this concept going. It is important for these young men and now they won't miss out."


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