Steven Breaston Hits the Web With Lockout Poem

Steven Breaston Hits the Web With Lockout Poem

Arizona Cardinal Steven Breaston's poem may be the most interesting way to express frustration with the NFL lockout.

Published June 9, 2011

People are expressing their frustration with the NFL lockout in many different ways.


Some have taken to penning op-ed pieces. Others have canceled their season tickets.


Arizona Cardinal Steven Breaston may have come up with the most interesting way to release his frustration with the lockout that has prevented him and his NFL peers from going to work since March 2. Breaston has taken view to YouTube where he has put together a rather poignant poem called A League Deferred, using his alter ego Stevie Phantom as the voice.


Here are a few lines of the poem:

"They say it's about a business, but I'm here with no business at all.
Just here with a fan's vision that doesn’t involve a billion-dollar dream.
Jjust a kid who wants to be a Barry, a Larry, hoping they can follow their dream.
It doesn't matter what kind of arguments we present, it feels like it's all about greed.
The fan is wondering, are they even thinking about me?"

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Written by Terrance Harris


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