The Terrelle Pryor Saga Doesn’t Seem to Be Going Away Anytime Soon

The Terrelle Pryor Saga Doesn’t Seem to Be Going Away Anytime Soon

The disgraced quarterback apparently had even deeper ties to freelance photographer/memorabilia dealer.

Published June 11, 2011

The Terrelle Pryor-Ohio State saga just doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer and ESPN both published stories Friday indicating that in addition to money the ex-OSU quarterback may have received from a freelance photographer and the questionable cars he had at his disposal, that Pryor and other Buckeyes players may have played golf at an exclusive country club as a guest of photographer Dennis Talbott.

This, of course, comes days after Pryor gave up his final year of college eligibility to pursue a pro football career and nearly two weeks after head coach Jim Tressel resigned under pressure.

The biggest question right now for Pryor is what is next? The natural assumption is a shot at the NFL via the supplemental draft, which likely will be held in July. But if that isn’t an option, the Canadian Football League has made it known that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are interested in his services. The fledgling UFL could also become an option for the talented but unskilled quarterback.

Pryor, however, through his attorney Larry James, has made it known that his focus is on the NFL at this point.

The CFL “sent the package last night, I forwarded it to Terrelle and Terrelle said that he wasn't interested today," James told ESPN.

That could change as questions about his character and ability to play quarterback at the highest level may prevent Pryor from getting an opportunity with an NFL team right away.

In the meantime, James said now that his client has decided to move on and that he will no longer cooperate with the NCAA investigation that began when it was discovered Pryor and several of his teammates traded sports memorabilia for tattoos at a Columbus parlor.

 This saga is bound to get a lot more interesting before it’s over.

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