NFL Owners Set to Meet Tuesday to Discuss Labor Strife

NFL Owners Set to Meet Tuesday to Discuss Labor Strife

Commissioner Roger Goodell has to make sure all owners are on board as negotiations with players heat up.

Published June 21, 2011

Members of the Kansas City Chiefs run a play during a players' organized football workout last week in Roeland Park, Kansas. Over 40 players showed up for the workout as the NFL lockout continues. (Photo: AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

The 32 NFL owners are set to convene for a one- or two-day session Tuesday with the purpose of discussing the labor issues that has the league embroiled in a lockout.


But don’t expect any real resolution to come from the owners’ only meeting in Chicago. According to a story appearing on, this meeting may be more to reunite the owners, because a couple have become disgruntled that the negotiations with the players may not address some of the issues that rankled the owners in the 2006 collective bargaining agreement.


So NFL commissioner Roger Goodell certainly has his hands full this week trying to convince the few disgruntled owners to remain on board. The owners had given Goodell the right to negotiate the new deal on their behalf, but perhaps a few have different feelings now.


Any dissention in the ranks could derail a positive meeting last week when owners and the players were said to have made real progress during secretive negotiations in Washington D.C. The meetings went so well that apparently the two sides began discussing the start of training camps and free agency once the lockout ends.


As it stands now, the start of the NFL season will almost certainly be delayed.


Still, a deal can be delayed much longer if the two sides can’t come to agreement and end up back in court later this summer. The owners still want a larger share of the $9 billion in total revenue and that could be a sticking point. It seems that expanding the regular season from 16 games to 18 games is temporarily off the table.


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