NFL Owners, Players Meet in Secret … Again

NFL Owners, Players Meet in Secret … Again

NFL owners and players may be close to a deal that will end the longest work stoppage in NFL history.

Published June 22, 2011

It appears the NFL owners and NFL players are at it again.


The two sides are meeting and negotiating Wednesday in private in the Boston area in hopes of ending the lockout, according to the Associated Press. This could be a good thing as it’s another sign that both sides are serious about coming to an agreement, which means the NFL season could start close about time this fall.


Wednesday’s talks, which are said to involve Commissioner Roger Goodell and members of the labor committee along with players’ association head DeMaurice Smith and several players, come a day after the NFL owners met in Washington to discuss concessions being made on both sides.


The biggest news to come out of Tuesday’s gathering with Goodell in the Chicago area is that the players are willing to accept just a 48 percent share of the total revenue, which in the past had been anywhere between 53 percent and 60 percent of the total revenue.


Several outlets are reporting that both sides seem optimistic a deal can be reached soon. It has been speculated that the lockout, which began March 12, could be over in two to three weeks. That would likely push the NFL calendar back some but nothing compared to if this strife continues into the fall when the next court hearing is scheduled.


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