Agent: T.O. Did Have ACL Surgery, But He Isn't Retiring

Agent: T.O. Did Have ACL Surgery, But He Isn't Retiring

Agent Drew Rosenhaus says Terrell Owens will be ready by the time NFL training camps open in August.

Published June 28, 2011

After a day of listening to speculation about his client, controversial agent Drew Rosenhaus made his rounds Tuesday to explain what has been going on with veteran NFL receiver Terrell Owens.

Rosenhaus clarified with that Owens did have ACL surgery, but that the aging and team-less receiver isn’t contemplating retirement, as had been speculated Monday.

But perhaps the biggest record Rosenhaus set straight is that Owens had the surgery by famed knee doctor James Andrews in April, not June, as was reported Monday. That is critical because speculation was that the earliest Owens, 37, would be able to return if the surgery was that recent would have been mid- to late November. That would have meant Owens would miss training camp and would severely limit his chances of being picked up by a team this season, which might have been the end of his 15-year career.

But with the surgery having taken place in April, Owens could conceivably join a training camp in August or September, depending on when the current NFL lockout ends and training camps start.

"He's many, many months into his recovery now. He's doing fantastic," Rosenhaus told ESPN.

Rosenhaus went on to deem speculation Owens would retire as “nonsense.”

"He is a legendary healer,” Rosenhaus said. “He comes back from injury faster than anybody I've ever seen.”

What still seems to be a mystery is how Owens originally suffered the knee injury. One source told ESPN it was during the taping of a television show, while another source said the knee was injured during a personal workout. Rosenhaus wouldn’t address the speculation.

The focus soon, however, will be finding a team willing to take a chance on an aging veteran that has made a habit of wearing out his welcome. Owens spent a productive season with the Cincinnati Bengals last year but was not asked to return this season.

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