Dwight Howard Takes It to the Head on LeBron James

Dwight Howard Takes It to the Head on LeBron James

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard took a shot at James’ receding hairline on Twitter.

Published July 1, 2011

LeBron James and his increasingly receding hairline. (Photo: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)


There are jokes that are funny and then there are those that are out of bounds.

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard crossed a line with his cracks about Miami Heat forward LeBron James’ fading hairline on his Twitter page Wednesday.

Wrote Howard:

@KTyler89 lol he took his talents to south beach and left his hairline in Cleveland lol

@MisterRudolph lol bron my dude jus had to make a joke

That isn’t to suggest that we all haven’t noticed that James’ hairline has been running south of the border. But the shots at the self-proclaimed King have been kept on the basketball court, especially after James failed to lead the Miami Heat to the NBA title as he promised when he abandoned Cleveland last summer.

Some of my personal favorite jokes about LeBron are:

Q: Why didn’t LeBron James go to college?

A: Because he didn’t want to show up for the Finals.

Q: Why wouldn’t you ask LeBron for change for a dollar?

A: Because he won’t give you the fourth quarter.

Sorry, I digress.

Howard was out of bounds when he took it to the hair. James has provided us with more than enough aboveboard material since the infamous “Decision.”

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