Trouble Seems to Keep Finding Pacman Jones

Trouble Seems to Keep Finding Pacman Jones

Adam "Pacman" Jones' NFL career could be in jeopardy after he was arrested early Sunday morning on disorderly conduct while intoxicated charges.

Published July 12, 2011

(Photo: AP Photo/Hamilton County Sheriff's Office via The Enquirer)


Some people never figure out how not to put themselves into bad situations and Adam “Pacman” Jones just may be one of those people.

According to several reports the troubled Cincinnati Bengals cornerback was arrested early Sunday morning at a bar on misdemeanor disorderly conduct while intoxicated charges, which could quite possibly put his NFL career in jeopardy. Jones was said to be using profanity and resisted arrest when the police showed up.

Jones could also face up to a year in jail in Nevada for violating a probation stay-out-of-trouble order, according to the Las Vegas’ top prosecutor.

"One of the conditions of his probation was that he stay out of trouble," Clark County District Attorney David Roger told the AP. "We haven't seen the reports yet."

Jones, who is still wearing a neck brace as a result of a herniated disk injury suffered in week 7 last season, claims he is innocent and that he wasn’t drinking. He was just out enjoying his wife’s birthday, according to the report.

"It's ridiculous, man," Jones told WKRC-TV in Cincinnati on Sunday. "I keep on going through the same thing, and it don't make no sense."

That may be the most truthful thing Jones has said in a while. Him being in a bar setting is probably the most senseless thing a player with more than a half dozen arrests—mostly all alcohol related—could do. The 27-year-old Jones, once considered one of the best corners in the game, has drawn the ire of commissioner Roger Goodell and put his NFL career in jeopardy several times because of unwise decisions.

It all seemed to come to a head in 2007 when Jones and his friends caused a melee at a Las Vegas strip club where people were seriously injured. He recently received a virtual slap on the wrist with probation and community service for that incident. But he has still remained on thin ice with the NFL where most teams aren’t even willing to take a chance on him anymore.

Since being the first round pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2005, Jones has bounced to the Dallas Cowboys, sat out of football during the 2009 season and last year the Bengals took a chance on him and it lasted six games before he suffered a season-ending injury.

The Bengals are believed to be counting on Jones this season, but now things could change. Neither the team nor NFL will comment on Jones until after the lockout ends.

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