Charges Dropped Against New Mexico Football Player for Saggy Pants Arrest

Charges Dropped Against New Mexico Football Player for Saggy Pants Arrest

Prosecutor felt it would be a waste of time to pursue a case against DeShon Marman.

Published July 13, 2011

San Francisco prosecutors announced Wednesday no charges will be filed against DeShon Marman, the 20-year-old University of New Mexico football player who was not allowed on an airplane because he was wearing saggy pants and was subsequently arrested.

"My belief is if we took this into a courtroom with 12 members of our community on our jury, they would tell me, 'Come on guys, you have more important things to spend your time on,'" District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told the Associated Press. "And I share that view."

Marman was arrested June 15 when US Airways would not allow him to fly because of his saggy pants. An argument ensued and Marman was arrested. He was attempting to return to school after attending the funeral of a close friend in his hometown of San Francisco.  

Saggy pants, of course, seem to be the preferred fashion statement of many young people. Marman apparently was asked to pull his pants up but he ignored the US Airways worker and was then denied to board his flight.

Wagstaffe said the arresting officer suffered a minor scratch and a twisted knee but nothing significant and that it all could be blamed on Marman’s frame of mind following his friend’s funeral.

Marman’s attorney, Joseph O’Sullivan, was pleased with the decision of the district attorney.  

"I think the [district attorney] realized the real villain in this case was US Airways, not DeShon Marman," he said.

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