Michael Jordan Still Has Dunking Power

Michael Jordan Still Has Dunking Power

Michael Jordan, the NBA’s greatest player, can still dunk basketballs with ease at age 48.

Published July 19, 2011

One of the running jokes in the NBA was Michael Jordan couldn’t resist two things: a good bet and a challenge.


Apparently the NBA superstar turned team owner still has a weakness for challenge. The 48-year-old Charlotte Bobcats owner was asked Monday during the team’s Fantasy Camp for kids and season ticket holders if he could still dunk.


Jordan, who hasn’t played in the NBA in eight years, answered in the affirmative. And then His Airness took flight, showing the crowd that he does indeed still have what it takes.


For a moment Jordan looked like the Jordan of old as he soared toward the 10-foot high basket with the grace he once had as the star of the Chicago Bulls.


The question will invariably come up if Jordan could still be a contributor in the NBA. The good thing is we will never know because owners are not allowed to play in the league.


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(Photo: Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/MCT)

Written by Terrance Harris


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