Tiger Woods' Former Caddie Eats His Words

Tiger Woods' Former Caddie Eats His Words

Steve Williams hasn’t been able to escape the hurt caused when Woods ended their 12-year working relationship last month.

Published August 9, 2011

We get that caddie Steve Williams felt he was unjustly fired by Tiger Woods last month.


Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn’t.


Never in recent memory has there been so much said about who a man chooses to be his caddie. But part of it is that Williams has kept the story going by bringing the subject up despite the fact that he has obviously moved on with Adam Scott.


Williams did Scott and himself a disservice Sunday when he took the spotlight off Scott's brilliant win during the Bridgestone Invitational to take shots at Woods. Williams claimed he was told by Woods that their 12-year working relationship was over during a telephone conversation, which Woods’ camp denies.


Williams also made himself seem silly by declaring Scott’s win at Bridgestone the biggest one he had been part of. Really? So we are to believe that winning at Bridgestone was bigger than the 13 major championships and the 72 worldwide wins in which he was on the bag with the world’s most dominant golfer?


Williams sounded more like a jilted lover on the rebound.


But it was interesting that after a day to reflect and perhaps hear the criticism of his comments, Williams admitted his errors Monday.


“Looking back on it, I was a bit over the top,” Williams said to FOXSports.com from Atlanta, where he and Scott were preparing for this week’s PGA Championship.


“I had a lot of anger in me about what happened [with Woods] and it all came out.”


Williams could have made his point Sunday by letting the scoreboard do the talking. Woods finished 18 strokes off the lead in his return to the PGA Tour after a three-month injury layoff.


But Williams couldn’t resist the emotional outburst, just as he couldn't last month after his firing first became public. But instead of making Woods look bad, Williams only succeeded in embarrassing himself and Scott.


“I had a lot of emotions going on all week. You hear people say, ’How good are you now that you're not caddying for Tiger,’ things like that, and it makes you want to prove yourself.


“And when we were coming down the stretch and all those people were calling out my name, I mean I’ve never experienced anything like that, and when Adam won, all of a sudden, all that emotion, it all poured out.


“But, look, it’s time to move on. The Tiger thing is over.”


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