Philadelphia Eagles Receiver Jeremy Maclin Tests Negative After Cancer Scare

Philadelphia Eagles Receiver Jeremy Maclin Tests Negative After Cancer Scare

Maclin given a clean bill of health after weeks of speculation.

Published August 18, 2011

For weeks now, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has been absent from the practice field, the only explanation being a “mysterious illness.”


Finally, on Wednesday, the scare was revealed that Maclin had been exhibiting signs of lymphoma, a form of cancer, during the offseason, according to and reports.


Maclin began experiencing lymphoma-like symptoms this summer, with rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, night sweats, iron anemia and irregular results from blood tests, according to both reports. But a five-month battery of tests came back inconclusive and Maclin was told Wednesday he has a clean bill of health.


Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder told ESPN that the Eagles 2009 first round draft pick should be able to return to practice within the next 10 days, and he will be ready for the Sept. 11 season opener against St. Louis.


“That’s first and foremost, I want everyone to know I’m fine, I’m healthy,” Maclin told on Wednesday. “I was tested for everything, and every single test came back negative. I don’t have mono, I don’t have AIDS, leukemia — all the things people were guessing on, there was nothing. I was being tested for lymphoma and thank God everything has come back negative.


“I wanted to keep it private until I knew for sure what was going on, and the Eagles were amazing,” Maclin added. “They were one of the only ones who knew. My relationship with them is more than professional. They were like family during this.”


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