Panthers Owner Tells Cam Newton No Tattoos or Piercings

Panthers Owner Tells Cam Newton No Tattoos or Piercings

Newton has a chance to be the face of the Panthers franchise and Jerry Richardson wants that image to appear 'a certain way.'

Published August 25, 2011

Apparently, before Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson gave his blessing for the organization to draft Auburn quarterback Cam Newton as its No.1 pick last spring, he had a couple of questions for the Heisman Trophy winner.


Richardson wanted to know if Newton had any piercings or tattoos. The 22-year-old quarterback said no, and then the 75-year-old former Green Bay Packer replied: “Good. Keep it that way,” according to several reports.


Richardson believes that Newton has the potential to be the face of the franchise, and he is very particular about how that face looks. He didn’t have the same concern for the inked-up tight end Jeremy Shockey, who was picked up as a free agent this offseason.


"I'm not a choirboy. I've never said I was. And I don't want a roster of 53 choirboys," Richardson told the Charlotte Observer in the spring. "I told Jeremy Shockey, 'Don't change your personality. It'll be good for the team. I could do without the tattoos, though."


But Newton seems okay with the mandate. He is competing with Jimmy Clausen for the chance to start for the Panthers this season.


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