World Peace Is Going to Have to Wait Until September

World Peace Is Going to Have to Wait Until September

Ron Artest’s name could not officially be changed to Metta World Peace because of outstanding traffic warrants.

Published August 26, 2011

World Peace was almost upon us now, but now we will have to wait until September.


Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest was supposed to have changed his name to Metta World Peace on Friday, but because of outstanding traffic warrants he will have to wait until mid-September.


“You can call me Ron today and then it’s over. It’s a wrap,” Artest said Thursday. “It’s about love, world peace. Everybody can relate to that, whether it’s in the same community or the same state or the same country or whether it’s a country going to war."


In addition to the name change, Artest said earlier this week that he would be changing his jersey number from 15 to 70 when the lockout ends and the NBA’s new season begins.


“I’m changing it to 70 because it’s like something to do with the universe,” Artest said. “Everything kind of repeats itself. The universe is one. It’s the same thing. Healthy minds, just keeping the kids positive.”


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