Chris Johnson Gets Into Twitter Battle With Fans

Chris Johnson Gets Into Twitter Battle With Fans

Johnson says he was reacting to racist haters.

Published September 1, 2011

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson has perhaps entered into a battle he will have a hard time winning.


The holdout running back lashed out at Titans fans on his Twitter page, calling for “fake Titan fans” to shut up. Some fans have called Johnson selfish and greedy while also voicing that his demands to be paid as one of the top playmakers in the NFL are too high.


It’s a battle Johnson or any millionaire athlete will have trouble winning in today’s difficult economic climate. Many football fans are worried about finding a job or making ends meet, so they have difficulty imagining why being offered the richest running back contract in NFL history isn’t enough for Johnson.


And Johnson didn’t win many points in the court of public opinion as he continued to tweet throughout the day Wednesday.


"I don't have a regular job so don't compare me to you and I can care less if uthink I'm greedy," he wrote.


There is no doubt that some of the comments Johnson received had racist tones. There is still a certain section of this country that has a difficult time with the money Black athletes are capable of making.


"My titan fans taking it all wrong I'm talking to the ones writing me racist Comments. I'm not call the Titan fans fake at all. #LUV," Johnson tweeted.


Johnson would have been wise to stop earlier in the day when he thanked the fans who have been supportive throughout his holdout.


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Written by Terrance Harris


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