Serena Williams Admits Emotions Got Best of Her at U.S. Open

Serena Williams Admits Emotions Got Best of Her at U.S. Open

The tennis star was fined this week $2,000 for berating the chair umpire because she disagreed with a call.

Published September 14, 2011

Maybe a little frustrated and sensing the U.S. Open title match was slipping away, Serena Williams tweeted that her emotions got the best of her when she dressed down the chair umpire during her loss to Samantha Stosur on Sunday.


Williams went off, bringing back memories of her tirade during the 2009 U.S. Open when the umpire gave a point to Stosur for Williams violating the hindrance rule. Williams, a vocal player who grunts when she serves for her entire career, screamed, “Come on!” after sending a forehand shot out of Stosur's reach in the first game of the second set.
Williams immediately let the umpire have it, and continued to express herself throughout the remainder of the match.
“My emotions did get the best of me this past weekend when I disagreed with the umpire,” Williams tweeted Wednesday. “It has been a long road to get back to the U.S. Open this year, and I am thankful to have had such a great two weeks in New York.”
Williams was assessed a $2,000 fine for her conduct during the U.S. Open on Monday.


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