Michael Vick Critical of Referee's "No Call"

Michael Vick Critical of Referee's "No Call"

The Pro Bowl quarterback wants equal treatment after he was knocked out of Sunday’s loss on a late hit.

Published September 27, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick believes it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt if referees continue to allow late hits like the one that eventually knocked him out of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.


The Giants' Chris Canty delivered what appeared to be a late hit on Vick during Sunday’s 29-16 Eagles loss. Vick’s right hand (his non-throwing arm) was believed to be broken on the hit but, on Monday, the team said it was only a bruise.


Still, Vick eventually had to miss the remainder of the game on what he believes should have been a late-hit penalty after he completed a 23-yard pass to Jeremy Maclin.


"I felt I got hit late. No flag," Vick said to reporters following the game. "At some point something catastrophic is gonna happen. Not to blame the refs, but more precautions should be taken. I'm on the ground all the time in the pocket."


Canty appeared to hit Vick in the facemask with his helmet after the throw. The blow sent Vick to the ground, where he was helped up by his teammates and an official.  Afterward he wasn’t too happy about the oversight but he was also careful not to be overly critical of the game officials.


"Every time I throw the ball, I'm on the ground," Vick said. "I get hit in the head. I don't know why I don't get the 15-yard flag like everybody else does. I'm not trying to blame the refs. I just want them to take notice."


Now, Vick’s availability for next week’s game remains uncertain. Since there was no break in the hand and the Pro Bowl quarterback throws left-handed, there is a chance he could suit up against the San Francisco 49ers. But Eagles coach Andy Reid couldn’t say either way Monday.


"We will see how he does over the next couple of days," Reid said. "We have to get the swelling where it is manageable and he feels comfortable."


This report contains information obtained from the Associated Press.


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