Bernard Hopkins Gets Light Heavyweight Title Back

Bernard Hopkins Gets Light Heavyweight Title Back

WBC overturns technical knockout after video review shows Chad Dawson lifting Hopkins off the ground and then dropping him to the canvas, causing the injury that stopped the 46-year-old champion.

Published October 23, 2011

All hail Bernard Hopkins, the WBC light heavyweight champion!


The WBC took steps to correct a wrong Thursday when it declared Bernard Hopkins’ TKO loss to Chad Dawson a technical draw.


That means Hopkins, who was stopped for the first time his career last Saturday, retains his WBC light heavyweight championship belt.


But it seemed odd that this wasn’t the ruling in the ring Saturday night after Dawson clearly picked Hopkins up and dropped him to the canvas, leaving Hopkins unable to continue the fight with a dislocated shoulder.


The WBC reviewed the video of the fight and unanimously decided that Dawson’s actions were a clear lifting of the body followed by a push from Dawson that sent the 46-year-old champion falling into the ropes and then the canvas.


The natural next step is for a rematch, but all indications say Hopkins isn’t interested after being injured as a result of Dawson’s dirty tactics.


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