Fans Offer to Donate Liver to Joe Frazier

Fans Offer to Donate Liver to Joe Frazier

Since news of Joe Frazier's liver cancer broke, the champ has been flooded with well wishes from the boxing community and fans.

Published November 7, 2011

We knew from the moment we heard former heavyweight champ and boxing legend Joe Frazier had liver cancer and was under hospice care that Smokin’ Joe would fight the good fight.


And he has fans and supporter who are willing to go toe-to-toe with the illness with him. Frazier’s personal and business manager Leslie Wolff told the Associated Press on Monday that the 67-year-old boxer has received well wishes from former boxers and fans and that some fans have even offered to donate a liver to him.


"There is evidence that there are certain people that fight much harder than other people, and in doing so, they last longer," Wolff said Monday. "They have the heart of a champion. Joe ain't no quitter. Even in this struggle, he's showing people you don't give up."


There have been rumors of Frazier’s demise since word got out over the weekend of his battle with the deadly disease. While there is no timetable on his life, Wolff wanted to make certain that everyone knows Frazier remains very much alive.


There were also rumors out there that Wolff was trying to send Frazier to Russia for treatment, which apparently are not true. Wolff had contacted doctors there about treatment suggestions, but that's all.


"We just want to see what's out there to see what can be done here," he said.


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