Michael Jordan Opposed Chris Paul Trade to Los Angeles Lakers

Michael Jordan Opposed Chris Paul Trade to Los Angeles Lakers

Chicago Bulls superstar-turned-Charlotte Bobcats owner opposed the prospective trade of Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. He felt that dealing Paul to the weaker Los Angeles Clippers was better for competitive balance in the NBA.

Published December 15, 2011

Michael Jordan wasn’t as vocal against the Chris Paul to Los Angeles Lakers trade as some of the NBA owners, but the Charlotte Bobcats owner was happy when the deal fell apart last weekend.
Jordan, the NBA’s all-time greatest player, wants more competitive balance in the league and large-market franchises like the Lakers being able to load up on All-Stars doesn’t help achieve that, he said in an Associated Press story Wednesday. Paul still ended up in Los Angeles later Wednesday, but with the less heralded Clippers instead.
"As a small market (owner), I'm very supportive of being able to keep your star player," Jordan said in an afternoon press conference before Paul was dealt to the Clippers. "That whole market is determined by that one individual. You want to make it very difficult for that guy to leave. Not that he can't leave, but to understand the circumstances if he does leave.
"I can't imagine if I'm in the Hornets scenario that I would want Chris Paul to leave. You want to keep your star."
Jordan, of course, did play the majority of his career with the Chicago Bulls, only leaving after winning six NBA title and retiring a second time. He first joined the Washington Wizards in the front office but eventually came out of retirement to briefly play with the franchise.
Jordan also said he likes the new collective bargaining agreement because it will level the playing field by increasing luxury tax implications for big-market teams that exceed  the salary cap in order to sign free agents.
While Jordan says the new CBA is good for teams in markets similar to his, he also said the deal is “not where we ultimately want it to be.”
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