Report: Aaron Hernandez, Tipster Had Sexual Relationship

Aaron Hernandez

Report: Aaron Hernandez, Tipster Had Sexual Relationship

Revelation could block chance of new trial for ex-NFL star.

Published August 4, 2015

The possibility of a new trial for Aaron Hernandez could be shelved after an anonymous tipster, who said a member of the jury was untruthful during pretrial selection, allegedly had a sexually-explicit relationship with the former star NFL tight end.

“(T)he Commonwealth has also learned that ‘Katy’ hasn’t simply been in personal contact with the defendant,” prosecutors wrote Monday in court filings, according to the Boston Herald. “She had an ongoing sexually explicit relationship with the defendant prior to and during the trial.”

Last month, Hernandez's attorney, James Sultan, claimed that an anonymous tipster told him that a juror may have been “untruthful” during jury selection. It could have potentially paved the way for a new trial. But since, even Sultan acknowledged that the tipster had “extensive personal contact” with his client.


Sultan wanted to question the tipster under oath, but prosecutors have asked Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh to deny the motion due to the tipster's alleged sexual relationship with Hernandez.

“This relationship includes letters ‘Katy’ sent to the defendant that were subsequently destroyed by the defendant,” lead prosecutor Williams McCauley wrote, as reported by the Herald. “In addition to the ongoing relationship between ‘Katy’ and the defendant, the defendant had a relationship with ‘Katy’s’ father while there were inmates together at the Dartmouth House of Corrections.”

Doubtful, but if for any reason, Judge Garsh finds "Katy" to be a sincere witness and that the juror was untruthful, it could pave the way to a new trial for Hernandez. Still, if Sultan wants to question 'Katy' under oath, he would have to first submit an affidavit from her.

In April, the former New England Patriots star tight end was found guilty of the June 2013 first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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