Serena Williams to Body Shamers: Girl, Bye!

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 12:  Serena Williams attends the Wimbledon Champions Dinner at The Guildhall on July 12, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Serena Williams to Body Shamers: Girl, Bye!

The tennis player claps back.

Published August 31, 2015

Serena Williams is the best tennis player in the world.

She’s won the Grand Slam 21 times and can defeat any seasoned player you put in her way. Yet the media has tried to degrade the superstar athlete, recently comparing her body to that of a man’s.

After weeks of silence and a knockout photo spread in New York Magazine, Serena has finally decided to silence the haters once and for all. In a tell-all interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Serena explains she simply doesn’t have time for the negativity.  

Speaking candidly she says, “I don't have time to be brought down, I've got too many things to do. I have Grand Slams to win, I have people to inspire, and that's what I'm here for.”

On her now viral spread in NY Magazine as well as her curvaceous Instagram thirst traps, Williams explains, “It's me, and I love me. I've learned to love me. I've been like this my whole life and I embrace me. I love how I look. I am a full woman and I'm strong, and I'm powerful, and I'm beautiful at the same time.”

Although talkative throughout most of the interview, Williams becomes quite coy when the topic of Drake comes into question. Roberts, being the professional she is, brings it up very subtly, to which Williams responds, “We’ll see,” when asked if Drake would pop up in her family box at the U.S. Open.

Watch the entire clip here

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(Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Written by George Chapman Jr.


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