[Watch] Rockets' Patrick Beverly Truly Has No Chill

Patrick Beverly

[Watch] Rockets' Patrick Beverly Truly Has No Chill

After first taking aim at Russell Westbrook, he's now going for Stephen Curry.

Published April 18, 2016

Time and time again, Patrick Beverly reminds us that he has no chill whatsoever...especially during the playoffs, where he embraces the role of the villain.

It didn't even take six whole minutes into Game 1 between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors on Saturday for the ultra-physical Rockets point guard to commit a hard foul on reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

The foul led to the two being tangled up and shoving each other before having to be separated.

There's no doubt that Beverly was trying to set the tone and let Curry know early that there will be no free passes for the game's leading scorer.

But did the play cross the line and was it dirty?

Give credit to the Warriors because they're not crying foul at all.

“[Beverly] is who he is, and that’s what made him who he is. You can’t knock somebody for the way he plays," Warriors forward Draymond Green told USA Today Sports. "I don’t think he does anything dirty. Now he does chippy stuff, but chippy is chippy and dirty is dirty.”

Green added: “He can’t go out there and just try to play nice. If he goes out there and plays nice, Steph Curry is going to give him 40 [points]. He’s got to go out there and rough him up a bit. Look how the [DetroitPistons used to do [Michael] Jordan. You’ve got to rough him up a little bit and ruffle the feathers. But one thing about Curry is that, just like Mike, they respond to that."

Good point.

Curry did drop 24 points in the game, leading the Warriors to cruise to a Game 1 victory, but is listed as questionable with a sprained ankle heading into Game 2 Monday night.

Remember, a wrist injury kept Beverly out of the Rockets-Warriors' Western Conference Finals last year, so you know Pat is going to go that much harder this year.

But Saturday wasn't the first time that Beverly exercised no chill in the playoffs.

Three years ago, during the Rockets' first-round matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook was dribbling to the bench and about to call timeout in a routine move, when Beverly charged at him and went for the steal. Westbrook wound up tearing his meniscus and his season came to a crashing end in a notorious moment that will always be attached to Beverly's name.

For sequences which Beverly gets too scrappy with Curry, the Warriors are going to need some of their bigs to set some hard picks on Patrick to knock him silly.

Even then, we just know Beverly is going to scrap. It's what he does.

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(Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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