Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods Walk Into a Bar

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter

Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods Walk Into a Bar

This true story is all types of awkward.

Published April 22, 2016

So, Michael JordanDerek Jeter and Tiger Woods walk into a bar.

Which legendary athlete kicks the best game to the ladies?

Well, perhaps the better question is which athlete had no game at all?

According to a new ESPN feature about the golfer, a young Tiger once joined MJ and the New York Yankees captain in a trip to a New York City nightclub, where he watched the hoops legend and baseball icon hold court with beautiful women until he just couldn't take it anymore.

"What do you do to talk to girls?" ESPN says Tiger asked his fellow sports stars at the time.

That's when Jordan and Jeter stared at each other in disbelief before telling Tiger: "Go tell 'em you're Tiger Woods."

The ESPN feature, which is entitled "The Secret History of Tiger Woods," also has Jordan expressing some present-day concerns for his friend, who seems to be struggling in golf — and life, period — at 40 years old.

"The thing is, I love him so much that I can't tell him, 'You're not gonna be great again,'" Jordan told ESPN.

MJ adds that Tiger's past mistakes have continued to haunt him.

"That bothers him more than anything," Jordan continued saying. "It looms. It's in his mind. It's a ship he can't right and he's never going to. What can you do? The thing is about T-Dub, he cannot erase. That's what he really wants. He wants to erase the things that happened."

Jordan added, "He has...no companion. He has to find that happiness within his life, that's the thing that worries me. I don't know if he can find that type of happiness. He's gonna have to trust somebody."

Wow. Hopefully, Tiger can find that happiness and get his life back on a better course.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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