[Watch] In Honor of LeBron's Epic Flop, Here Are Some of the Funniest in NBA History

LeBron James flop

[Watch] In Honor of LeBron's Epic Flop, Here Are Some of the Funniest in NBA History

And the Oscar goes to...

Published May 23, 2016

Part of Game 3 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors' Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday night had LeBron James turning in a flop of epic proportions after being elbowed by his own teammate Tristan Thompson.


After King James's Cavs lost to the Raptors, 99-84, LeBron swore that he wasn't trying to act his way into a foul being called and that he honestly thought it was Toronto forward DeMarre Carroll who hit him.

“I’m not trying to sell a call. I got hit with an elbow. I didn’t know it was from my own teammate. I thought it was DeMarre, but I watched the replay, it was from my teammate," James explained, as reported by USA Today. "So no — sell a call for what? There was no call there to be sold. That’s it. I was going to say something else to you, but I’m going to leave it alone."


OK, LeFlop James... you should leave it alone. Too bad, the Internet won't.

Hoops impersonator Brandon Armstrong even parodied James's flop like he has many NBA moments before.

Ha! In honor of LeBron's epic flop, we compiled some of the funniest acting jobs in NBA history. Some of these are worse than King James stumbling backwards and falling — all 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds of him — after being hit by his own teammate.

Good lawd, these flops are awful... but absolutely hilarious!

Marcus Smart

To say that Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart oversold this flop during the first round of this year's playoffs would be a huge understatement. What in the world was Marcus thinking by giving himself this WWE-type back body drop? The way he jumps back and lands on the hardwood is painfully funny. In fact, Shaquille O'Neal called it the greatest flop in NBA history. Yeah... Marcus was definitely Shaqtin' a Fool with this one.

Tony Allen

Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard Tony Allen is perennially one of the NBA's best defenders, which means he can more than hold his ground and stay in position... unless he's flopping. In that case, give Tony an Oscar for this acting job. Did it really hurt that bad, Tony?

Reggie Evans

Former Brooklyn Nets forward Reggie Evans earned an NBA fine for flopping against Metta World Peace on this play nearly four years ago. Looks like Reggie got put on a damn treadmill the way he was running. In fact, Evans became the first player in NBA history to be fined under the league's anti-flopping rules. Good for him!

Dennis Rodman

This flopping job against Karl Malone in the 1998 NBA Finals by Dennis Rodman is the epitome of why they called Rodman "The Worm." Hey, if anything, it was a preview to the Hall of Famers knuckling up against each other in a professional wrestling pay-per-view event the next month.

Blake Griffin

Hey, Blake, the one problem with this flop is that nobody touched you. Insert laugh track here.

Chris Bosh

If there was ever a phantom flop call, this was it. Watch as Carlos Boozer doesn't make any contact with Chris Bosh whatsoever in this February 2011 game, but is still called for this offensive foul — thanks to Bosh's acting and overselling. Peep the way he leans all the way back, though.

Chris Paul

Note how CP3 initiates contact with DeMarcus Cousins, trying desperately to get a foul called. That's just dirty, man.

Lance Stephenson

What's worse — LeBron trying to flop after being hit by his own teammate or Lance Stephenson trying to sell this call after literally slapping himself in a November 2014 game? Sorry, Lance... you got this one. For what it's worth, he did get the call, though.

LeBron James

Sorry, LeBron, but we have to end this list like we started it — with you. Yes, this hard screen by then-New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler was clearly a foul, but King James's royal flop and sell after made it a flagrant foul. 

Proud of yourself, LeBron?

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla

(Photo: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)


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