Look: Steph Curry's Sister Came for a Cavs Fan's Neck When He Called Riley the F Word

Stephen Curry, Riley Curry

Look: Steph Curry's Sister Came for a Cavs Fan's Neck When He Called Riley the F Word

You won't believe what wound up happening to dude, either.

Published June 10, 2016

Let this be a warning to Twitter trolls — say something disrespectful about Riley Curry and her aunt will be coming for your neck.

An obnoxious Cleveland Cavaliers' fan found that out firsthand earlier this week, when he struck up the nerve to blast the adorable three-year-old with a slur and Stephen Curry's sister, Sydel, clapped back immediately.

The Currys would have the last laugh, though, as the fan wound up getting fired from his job for his inflammatory tweet.

It started out innocent enough with Sydel tweeting about her family headed to Cleveland to support Steph for the NBA Finals between Curry's Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That's when this obnoxious Cavs fan tweeted pure disrespect to the Curry family and lil' Riley. Little did he know that his tweet would be sent to his employer... and he would lose his job. Was it worth it, bruh? The internet remains undefeated.

The actual back-and-forth exchange between the Cavs fan and Sydel went like this, leading up to his termination.

Then came the Cavs fan's insanely disrespectful tweet to which Sydel responded, sparking the exchange.

Sydel went on to warn him that "we care about our family and don't accept any disrespect."

By the time she landed in Cleveland with her family, though, Sydel would learn that offensive fan's tweet made it back to his employer and they dropped the ax on him.

Good for him. You attack a 3-year-old... you deserve losing your job.

Better put respek on the Curry family's name!

That moment Fitz was right. 🏆🏆#AintNoFOMOBih wouldn't have made it there without @_nellez

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