Smashed or Passed? See How Gilbert Arenas Destroys Laura Govan's Rumor About Him and Her Sister Gloria

Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan, Gloria Govan

Smashed or Passed? See How Gilbert Arenas Destroys Laura Govan's Rumor About Him and Her Sister Gloria

Good lord... this situation is well past messy.

Published June 15, 2016

You didn't think Gilbert Arenas was going to let his ex, Laura Govan, tease a tell-all book including an explosive rumor about him without saying something, did you?

Nah, this is the self-proclaimed "#KingPetty" we're talking about here.

After learning that Laura's planned book would include the allegation that Arenas slept with her sister, Gloria Govan, back in the day, the former NBA All-Star destroyed his baby mama with a scathing, dragging Instagram post Tuesday.

In the process, No Chill Gil tried to make it clear that Laura is making up the story just to sell her tell-all and that he never had sex with Gloria.

[Warning: The following Instagram post contains profanity].

A TELL ALL BOOK ? I dont think she knows a (tell all has to be a true story) im not gonna even gonna bash laura..i just wanna ask one question....WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?? No one has ever asked her this question,its just OMG he fucked ur sister heres me and lauras relationship timeline AND YALL THE PEOPLE see if her lie makes and laura meet in the summer of #2003 our first child was born #2005,second #2007,third #2009,forth #2011...gloria and matt meet around 2005-07......i DUMPED laura (jan 1st 2015 new year new me bull shit) also Matt and gloria broke up and we NOW know why (derek) sure everyone remembers gloria AND laura on the redcarpet and LAURAS titty was shown "im single ready to mingle" haha a few weeks later GLORIA and LAURA did the whole half naked in the bathroom picture....these girls seemed like #BESTIES up until september 9th 2015....i couldnt have had sex with gloria before 2007 because we had 2 kids during that time and after 2007...the fact MATT dated goria since 2007-2015 that #CRAZYNIGGA would be driving the fuck over here 200mph to whoop my ass...yall see what he does to a ex-teammate..imagine a brother-law #GillyDead haha SO since me and matt havent fought or IG beefed and were still besties #CantBeTrue #LiarLiarPantsOnFire BUT the girls do have beef and since we figured out its NOT lauras version..what did laura do to GLORIA?? Yall remember that (leaked email sept 22) why did laura send it to gloria to proof read FIRST on sept 9th(girl is this cool?ima fuck him up) #OMFG i guess she forgot about the family member part #coonery101 and who leaked the derek fisher,gloria story? Im not saying LAURA would do such a thing #NotTheVictim all im saying is ASK @balleralert what lil kitty out there Sends them all glorias dirt? Since they stopped talking we havent got any new UPDATES on gloria #SayItAintSo (Gilbert Arenas is free from another laura LIE) #inreallife this is why i win every court case YOU CANT BEAT FACTS with lies just for ppl to feel sorry for u...ENOUGH is ENOUGH..just a spoiled brat mad her golden goose is gone and she has to live #InrealLife @matt_barnes9 @maewest310 #CheckMate #GoGetaJob #RunTellDat

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Welp. Well, damn. Not only did Gil provide a lengthy back story in an attempt to shoot down the allegation, but he also said Gloria's ex, Matt Barnes, would have given him the beats had he slept with her. Derek Fisher would probably corroborate on that.

Arenas also said that he and Barnes haven't had beef to this day, but that Laura and her sister Gloria do. Oof.

For what it's worth, Barnes himself seemed to shoot down the nasty rumor as well upon learning of Laura's planned tell-all, saying, "Everyone wants to be famous."

Judging from Arenas's past — and his alleged $3 million court victory against Laura for lawyer fees and damages — we can easily see No Chill Gil drag his baby mama back to court over this allegation. If that happens, we just wonder if Gloria will be required to speak on it. Hmm...

Whatever winds up happening, this situation between Gilbert and Laura is well beyond messy.

We just hope they can come to some level of coping for the sake of co-parenting their four kids.

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