Look: Steph Curry's Game-Used Mouth Guard to Hit the Auction Block

Stephen Curry

Look: Steph Curry's Game-Used Mouth Guard to Hit the Auction Block

Yuck... how much do you think someone will pay for it?

Published June 16, 2016

Stephen Curry can't help it.

The back-to-back NBA MVP removes and chomps down on his mouth guard during every trip to the foul line in a bad habit that some fans can't stand.

But for the fans who think the peculiar habit is kind of cool, consider this your lucky day.

ESPN reported Wednesday that SCP Auctions will be welcoming bids this August for Steph's game-used mouth guard, which it claims was picked up by a fan near the Golden State Warriors' bench this season. The mouth guard has the team's logo alongside Curry's name and "30" jersey number stamped on it.

Take a look.

What's crazy is Dan Imler, the California-based auction house's vice president, told ESPN that he expects the memorabilia — if you even want to call it that — to sell for at least $5,000. Good grief!

"Steph Curry has given more life to mouth guards than any player in history," Imler said. "The way he flips it in and out of his mouth has become part of watching him during a game."

We guess. For what it's worth, his mouth guard does get more TV time than any player's sneakers, including his own new and hated-on Curry 2 Low "Chef" kicks.

Curry spoke about how his mouth guard chewing habit started during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last summer.

Curry himself called the use of his mouth guard a "very unsanitary process," adding that he rocks the same one every three to four games. Yeah... whoever shells out the cash for it, may want to brush it down with some toothpaste before they put it on their shelf.

Amazingly enough, this August won't be the first time that SCP puts an athlete's used mouth guard on its auction block.

ESPN reports that Muhammad Ali's mouthpiece from his final fight in 1981 fetched $6,700 back in 2013.

Even if you're a sports fanatic, do you think five racks is too much to cough up for a used mouthpiece?

We do.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla

(Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)


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