Look: Miami Heat Fans Came Up With a Great Way to Keep Dwyane Wade From Leaving

Look: Miami Heat Fans Came Up With a Great Way to Keep Dwyane Wade From Leaving

This is both beautiful and embarrassing at the same time.

Published July 3, 2016

NBA free agents are seeing some of the most ridiculous athlete contracts in the history of American sports, with players who barely contributed last year making tens of millions of dollars per season. One person who wants to get in on that goldrush is Dwyane Wade, and his demand for one more huge contract before he hangs up his sneakers for good is filling the Miami Heat fanbase with fear. 

For the first time in his career it seems possible the the future Hall of Famer will leave South Beach after he got a low-ball $10 million offer from his team, prompting fans to attempt to fill the gap with a crowd-sourced GoFundMe page.

The campaign attempted to raise another $10 mili to keep D-Wade in Miami. While it appears that the page has been shutdown either by those who started it, or the site itself, it is a tragically poetic way for fans to try and keep their hero in town.

The 34-year-old All-Star is getting offers of up to $20 million per year from other teams, while the Heat are hoping he takes a paycut, offering him closer to $10 million. Much of this is due to the free agency sweepstakes for Kevin Durant, whom is the apple of every franchise's eye. The Heat are targeting Durant, and a large contract for Wade means the team will not have enough money to entice Durant.

Many fans are taking to Twitter to remark on the incredibly low ammount of money the Heat are offering Wade, compared to the contracts his NBA colleagues have been signing in the last few days.

Players, and especially stars, in the NBA rarely remain on one team for their entire career and this is the exact reason why. If the Heat are really committed to keeping Wade until his retirement, they'll have to dig deeper. Lord knows, his fans tried.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)


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