Find Out Why Usain Bolt Is Considering Putting Off Retirement

Find Out Why Usain Bolt Is Considering Putting Off Retirement

He may not be hanging up his cleats quite yet.

Published July 24, 2016

Usain Bolt is known as the fastest man to ever compete in the Olympics, but even the greats need to hang up their track cleats eventually. While the Jamaican world record holder has previously stated that he plans to retire from the Olympics after he makes an attempt for an unprecedented triple-triple of sprint gold medals at next month's games he has now changed his tune, saying that he could be convinced to return to competition in Tokyo in four years.

It is an exciting announcement for Bolt's huge fan base, as well as for the world of sprinting as he is without a doubt the sport's biggest star.

"My coach always says 'Usain, you can always go into the 2020 Olympics if you want to,'" he said when he was asked by ESPN. "This is why he tells me to stop talking about retirement, and just take it a year at a time. See how you feel every year, and see what you want to do," he said. Adding, "If at the end of the season you feel like, yeah, this is it, then you retire but let's not focus on talking about retirement because you never know what's going to happen." 

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He also admitted his importance to the world of track saying that if "the sport needs me, why not?"

Bolt will look to make history with the potential triple-triple and has stated that be believes he can beat his world record 19.19 200 meter, which he set at the world championships in Berlin in 2009. 

"There's so much more room for improvement on different days and [depending on] how you're feeling," he said. The track star will try to prove that belief next month. Beyond that, only Bolt knows what his career holds.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Stephen Pond - British Athletics/British Athletics via Getty Images)


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