Watch: Michael Vick's Brother Runs From Police in This Insane Footage

Watch: Michael Vick's Brother Runs From Police in This Insane Footage

What was Marcus thinking?

Published July 27, 2016

Marcus Vick has zero chill.

TMZ Sports obtained footage during an April incident in which the younger brother of ex-NFL quarterback Michael Vick leads cops on a wild foot chase that ends with him surrendering at gunpoint.

The incident begins at a gym in Newport News, Virginia, where Marcus was reportedly questioned by cops about a warrant for his arrest due to a civil case.

As the insane footage shows, Marcus takes off on foot during his questioning, darting out the gym and through the neighborhood, leaving cops in the dust with his blazing-fast scrambling speed. Hey, running the 40-yard dash all those times clearly helped.

At one point in the video, Marcus is so ahead of the cops that it looks like he's really going to be able to outrun them and escape. But just as quick as the chase starts, it ends with Vick tiring out and sitting on the sidewalk.

At gunpoint, one of the trailing officers orders Marcus to get on his stomach and show his hands before he's arrested.

Watch the crazy incident unfold below.

TMZ adds that Marcus, 32, was later convicted of resisting arrest and sentenced to one year in jail with an additional 12 months probation.

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Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Sporting News via Getty Images)


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