Look: The Olympic Diving Pool's Green Water Was So Bad Here's What Officials Did

Olympic diving pool

Look: The Olympic Diving Pool's Green Water Was So Bad Here's What Officials Did

Health safety questions continue to be raised.

Published August 12, 2016

On Tuesday, Olympic athletes, officials and spectators were stunned over the water in Rio's diving pool having turned green.

At the time, officials said the green water presented "no risk" to divers, but they're still investigating the cause.

Well, that investigation might have led to unfavorable results, as the diving pool was closed three days later on Friday morning, according to British diver Tom Daley's tweet.

The issues with the water have reportedly spilled over to affecting other sports as well.

"The water polo guys are really suffering out there due to the chlorine," an on-site source with knowledge of the Rio Olympics told the Daily Mail Online. "One member of the U.S. team said he couldn't see a thing towards the end of the game. He was literally blinded because there was so much chlorine in the water. Other guys said the chlorine made them feel sick."

The source added: "The diving pool went green because they [offficials] ran out of chemicals. But now they are trying to over-compensate by pouring tons of the stuff into the other [outside] pool and it's making the athletes suffer."

Good grief. We hope Olympic officials can straighten this out ... and quickly. The next diving event is scheduled Sunday.

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Written by BET Staff

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