7 Reasons Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Will Never Be as Cool to Sports Stars as President Obama

President Obama

7 Reasons Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Will Never Be as Cool to Sports Stars as President Obama

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Published October 12, 2016

Whether it's hilariously roasting championship-winning teams at the White Housefilling out NCAA Tournament brackets or balling out himself, President Obama's time in the Oval Office has been filled with great sports moments.

With the Commander-in-Chief's presidency entering its final stretch, though, we couldn't help but think about how neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump would ever deliver such cool moments with sports stars as President Obama did over these past two terms.

Whether it's having a better knowledge of sports, actually playing a few sports or having a penchant for delivering jokes with impeccable comedic timing, the POTUS is flat out smoother than both presidential candidates will ever be.

That being said, here are seven reasons why Clinton and Trump will never be as cool to sports stars as President Obama. It is what it is!

  1. Obama Balls With The Best of Them

    And it's not because he could actually play, but because athletes actually want to hang out with him. For example, take back-to-back NBA MVP Stephen Curry talking trash with the POTUS on the golf course. Sorry, we can't picture either Hillary nor Trump being able to hang...and look smooth while doing so.

  2. But The POTUS Actually Has Game

    (CBS News via Youtube)

    Yes, there's no doubt that athletes enjoy President Obama's company. But be clear — the POTUS has some serious game. Former NCAA All-American Clark Kellogg found that out a few years ago, losing a game of HORSE to the Commander-in-Chief and his southpaw shooting touch. Again, unless Kareem Abdul-Jabbar taught Hillary the Sky Hook, it just wouldn't be the same. And don't get us started on Trump. If he doesn't have game during the presidential debates, we don't expect him to have any in sport either.

  3. Presidential NCAA Brackets


    The POTUS filling out his NCAA Tournament bracket with ESPN every spring has become a March Madness tradition in the White House. Imagine Trump or Clinton trying to do the same. Trump would probably sniffle through the entire process and then whine that ESPN didn't hear his picks correctly. Hillary would probably ask the Worldwide Leader in Sports if she could email her bracket.

  4. If Tom Brady Doesn't Rock With Trump, Who Does?
    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady chats with Donald Trump (Photo by Donna Connor/WireImage)
    (Photo: Donna Connor/WireImage)

    Even Trump's alleged friend and supporter, Tom Brady, walked out of a New England Patriots press conference when a reporter asked him about the Republican candidate's sexist comments about women and excusing them as "locker room talk." What we want to know, though, is does Trump have any supporters in sports locker rooms left? Sacked for a loss of yards.

  5. Presidential Selfies

    Remember David Ortiz's selfie with President Obama back in April 2014 in front of the White House? Well try to envision athletes lining up with as much excitement to snap a picture of themselves with either Clinton or Trump. It's just not the same. That being said, we're sure most pro athletes would go with Hillary.

  6. Got Jokes?
    US President Barack Obama holds a jersey and basketball presented to him by Ray Allen (4th L) and Chris Bosh (7th L) of the Miami Heat during an event honoring the 2013 NBA Champions, the  Miami Heat, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC on January 14, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN        (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
    (Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

    Remember when President Obama ripped LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for yelling at their then-Miami Heat teammate Mario Chalmers too much? Or how about when the POTUS asked Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue if he could please get J.R. Smith to put on a shirt again? President Obama has a way of turning a honorary ceremony at the White House for championship teams into a roasting session with precise comedic timing and delivery.

    With all the people that Trump has offended, we wouldn't be surprised if championship squads skip visiting him at the White House if he becomes president. And as for Hillary, sorry, but she's just not as funny or charming as President Obama.

  7. That Dap, Though!

    Who could ever forget the footage of President Obama dapping up Kevin Durant from a few years back? 

    Now, for the life of you, can you ever imagine either Clinton or Trump striking up such a comfortable rapport with star athletes? Not us. It's not happening.

Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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