Watch: The Heartwarming Moment a Black Student Buys Bullied White Classmate Jordans


Watch: The Heartwarming Moment a Black Student Buys Bullied White Classmate Jordans

Their reactions will have you reaching for the nearest tissue.

Published November 4, 2016

High school can be hard sometimes ... especially for teenagers who are being bullied.

Well, one student's grand gesture made one of his bullied classmate's outlook that much brighter even if it's just for one day at the school.

In a video circulating on the internet today — including on WorldStarHipHop — a Black student is seen giving his bullied white classmate a brand-new pair of Air Jordans. Neither the students' names nor their school's name is currently known, but from the video alone, one could make out the gist of this heartwarming act of kindness.

"I bought you some Js," the Black student says to his classmate, opening the box of sneakers and showing him the shoes. "I heard [inaudible] bullying you and stuff and picking on you."

With that said, the student hands his classmate the box.

"Are you for real?" the bully victim responds in shock.

"Yeah, bro. I swear, bro," his generous and caring classmate says in return.

Still, the bully victim remains in shock.

"I don't know what to say ..." he says.

The students shake hands.

"I bought them for you, bro," the Black student says, before urging his classmate to "Put 'em on, bro!"

As if the moment isn't heartwarming enough, a female student filming the act of kindness can be heard saying, "I can cry right now. This is so sweet."

With that said, the bullied student sits down and puts on the Jordans, before hugging his generous friend.

This video will make your Friday. Have some tissues nearby, though. Take a look.

In a way, this gesture reminds us of a student who gifted his teacher Jordans this past September, but this one between two classmates is even a bigger tearjerker.

Nice gestures like this go a long way. This clip is bound to turn into a viral sensation, already owning 90,000-plus views — and counting — on WorldStar as of early this afternoon.

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Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Lisa Werner/Getty Images)


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