Has Donald Trump's Election Created a Divide Between Black and White Players in NFL Locker Rooms?

Donald Trump

Has Donald Trump's Election Created a Divide Between Black and White Players in NFL Locker Rooms?

Here's what one report is claiming.

Published November 11, 2016

The immediate aftermath of Donald Trump's presidential election has left a nation divided.

NFL locker rooms are apparently not an exception to that.

In a story for Bleacher Report, veteran journalist Mike Freeman reported that Trump's election as the 45th president has sparked a deepening racial divide in NFL locker rooms with Black and white players being on polar-opposite ends of beliefs about the controversial former reality-TV star being elected to lead the country.

"One of the greatest days of my life," a white offensive lineman from the AFC told Bleacher Report about Trump's victory.

A Black offensive lineman from the AFC didn't see it like that at all.

"Easily one of the worst days of my life," he told Bleacher Report. "It's like my dog died. Worse."

Altogether, Bleacher Report spoke to several NFL players, with six white players telling the sports website that Trump's victory was good for the U.S. because he'll deliver change that Americans yearn for.

Meanwhile, eight Black players told the same website that Trump becoming the president-elect is one of the ugliest moments in American history. One Black player even said the vote for Trump was White America's way of keeping African-Americans "in our place."

Black NFL players were amongst the many athletes outspoken about Trump's election, with Russell Wilson citing a bible scripture and Detroit Lions running back Theo Riddick tweeting, "This election symbolizes that 'most ppl' believe in everything this man says and thinks. Tells me a lot about this country."

Perhaps adding to the deepening racial divide in NFL locker rooms is Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who is white, telling the Chicago Tribune on Thursday that he's "happy with the [election] results" and admitting that "I've supported Trump for a while."

How is that admission going to go over in the Bears' locker room?

In addition, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick wrote a letter of support to Trump, while the team's star QB, Tom Brady, kept rather tight-lipped about his alleged support for The Donald.

Brady did his best, however, to deny any divide in the Patriots' locker room, despite players' opposing political affiliations.

"We’re all on the same team, we’re all from different places, different backgrounds, different ages, races, ethnicities, beliefs, but when you come in a locker room, you’re all trying to, I guess put whatever feelings you have about anything aside to try to accomplish a common goal," Brady told USA Today Sports.

Will this deepening racial divide between Black and white NFL players only grow as the season goes on?

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Written by BET Staff

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