Look: Reasons Usain Should Quit His Womanizing and Stick With Kasi Bennett's Fine Ass

Kasi Bennett

Look: Reasons Usain Should Quit His Womanizing and Stick With Kasi Bennett's Fine Ass

Brains, beauty, and a big booty.

Published November 17, 2016

In the new issue of GQ magazine, Usain Bolt actually tries to explain how womanizing is a part of Jamaican "culture" and that people shouldn't be so quick to judge the World's Fastest Man's alleged promiscuous ways. 

Well, the nine-time Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter should think twice about playing the field when he has a girlfriend as badd as Kasi Bennett. Kasi has brains, beauty ... and that big booty. And those are just some of the reasons that Bolt should hold onto his lady and not make a mad dash for all the other women out there. Now, hit the Usain Bolt pose to these reasons.

  1. Beautiful

    A stunner for sure.

  2. Body For Days

    #pressplay▶️ #usainbolt and his girlfriend #KasiBennett on vacation in #borabora

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    #KasiBennett 💦😍

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    That girl is a real crowd pleaser.

  3. Brains

    The future #MrsBolt @kasi.b #KasiBennett in #borabora| #caribbeanemagazine

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    Yes, she may be known as Usain Bolt's gorgeous girlfriend, but Kasi has been shrewd about using her social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat) to brand herself.

  4. That Booty

    #TropixsHottie: #KasiBennett #MOOD 👙☀️

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    The looking-eyes emoji would have been appropriate here, too.

  5. That Girl Is Loyal

    Kasi's loyalty to Usain can't be questioned following all those rumored reports of him being with other women before, during and after the Rio Olympics.

  6. Super Cool

    #RelationshipGoals #UsainBolt X #KasiBennett ❤️

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    This handshake makes us say #RelationshipGoals quick.

  7. Fashion Game's On Point

    #HypeLifeCelebs: #KasiBennett 😍👢

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    She better work!

  8. Knows How To Have Fun

    Usain Bolt can definitely party hard. And Kasi more than keeps up, as evidenced by the way she slayed this Jamaica Carnival celebration.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Kasi Bennett via Instagram)


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