Watch: Sexiest Pics of Roni Rose, Steph Curry's Thirsty Court-side Chick, in Celebration of Her Engagement

Roni Rose

Watch: Sexiest Pics of Roni Rose, Steph Curry's Thirsty Court-side Chick, in Celebration of Her Engagement

Something tells us she won't be retiring from the game anytime soon.

Published November 28, 2016

Roni Rose drove the internet insane by shooting a lustful look at Stephen Curry during the NBA Finals this past summer. While rumored reports labeled the die-hard Golden State Warriors' fan as a thirst trap for NBA ballers, it turns out that the model is in a committed relationship. During the Warriors-Los Angeles Lakers game last week, her man proposed to her in front of a packed Oracle Arena crowd in Oakland ... and she said yes!

While our favorite court-side chick is off the market, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge the proposal, the notorious thirst that launched her fame and her hottest Instagram shots. Swish!

  1. The Proposal

    Here's the moment when Roni officially was taken off the market.

  2. The Infamous Lustful Look

    This shot of Roni shooting these thirsty eyes at back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry during Game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals turned her into a household name on social media. The attention also boosted her Instagram followers to nearly 250,000.


    Oh, there's beautiful blue water under a clear, blue sky in this photo, too? Sorry, we were distracted.

  4. Curves For Days

    She's a stunner!

  5. Raiders' Reppin'

    Yes, the die-hard Golden State Warriors fan also reps for Raiders Nation. Bay Area, stand up!

  6. Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake

    Cherish every curve.

    A photo posted by Roni Rose (@getit_rose) on

    Oh, lord almighty.

  7. That Girl Is A Real Crowd Pleaser

    Jukebox dancing was fun last night now it's time to drive back home. Gotta Raider game tonight.

    A photo posted by Roni Rose (@getit_rose) on

    Shh ... got secrets, Roni? We won't tell.

  8. Summer Dress Stuntin'

    All of a sudden, we're ready for a picnic.

  9. Thirst Trap

    She's badd and she knows it.

  10. Long hair, Don't Care

    Like a boss!

  11. Certified Banger!

    And she's been known to hit the pole every now and then.

  12. It's Going to be a great Day!

    Good morning!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Roni Rose via Instagram)


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