Watch: Joe McKnight Case Sheriff Drops N-Word and F-Bomb While Reading Comments Criticizing Handling of Crime

Joe McKnight

Watch: Joe McKnight Case Sheriff Drops N-Word and F-Bomb While Reading Comments Criticizing Handling of Crime

The shocking statements were made during an investigation update press conference.

Published December 6, 2016

A press conference meant to update people about the Joe McKnight murder investigation took a shocking turn in New Orleans today when Sheriff Newell Normand dropped the N-word and F-bomb.

Furious over the criticism that elected New Orleans officials and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department received over the handling of the McKnight case, Sheriff Normand inexplicably proceeded to read some of the hateful remarks out loud straight from online comments sections.

"You ass-kissing f***** that has done little to our community, all we know is that you're a b**** puppet," Normand said, reading one comment from a piece of paper. "You rat-ass-looking coon on TV. I bet they made you say that puppet boy. I know what I see. I know that Normand is a piece of s*** and you stood behind that white boy with that bulls***, n****. You won't even stand with your people you self-serving son of a b****."

After reading the comment, Normand asked: "Really!? And the tone of these [comments] go on and on and on and on and all we simply asked for was 'let them do their job.'"

Check out his full statement below.

[Warning: Video contains profanity].

After the shock of him dropping the N-word and F-bomb set in, Sheriff Normand was asked why he felt the need to read the vile comments verbatim.

To that, he explained that he thinks people jump to conclusions too quick, while striking up enough nerve to recite stats about black-on-black crime in the area — strangely straying away from the McKnight case update, temporarily.

Ronald Gasser, the 54-year-old white man who shot and killed McKnight, 28, an ex-NFL rusher, during a road-rage incident Thursday, was initially released without charges early Friday after being questioned by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department.

But amidst heavy backlash, the same department finally arrested Gasser on Monday night, but on manslaughter charges — not first- nor second-degree murder, despite having admitted to fatally shooting McKnight three times.

That being said, the internet let it be known that Normand was out of bounds with the tone of his press conference today.

Off the unexpected tirade, Normand did reveal that Gasser pointed his gun at a naval officer after firing at McKnight three times. However, that standoff was short-lived, as Gasser put his weapon down under the orders of the naval officer.

Gasser also has a history of road-rage incidents, including allegedly punching a former cop with a closed fist and spitting on him. In addition, Gasser also had another similar road-rage incident with a separate motorist on the same New Orleans street that he shot and killed McKnight.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla

(Photo: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)


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