[Watch] NFL Star Described as 'Homeless Kid' and 'Heroin Addict'

Kam Chancellor

[Watch] NFL Star Described as 'Homeless Kid' and 'Heroin Addict'

Gym staffer calls 911, thinking Kam Chancellor wanted to rob them when he wanted to invest in the gym.

Published March 3, 2016

Update: This story about the police being called on Kam Chancellor just got worse.

On Wednesday night, the Seattle Seahawks' star safety reported that the cops were called on him while simply checking out a Redmond, Washington, gym that he wanted to invest in. 

Well, TMZ Sports obtained a 911 call from the incident and the gym staffer's account is unbelievable to the point in which you have to hear it for yourself.

After saying Chancellor was "bad news" and was "pounding on the doors, even though the gym was closed," the woman adds that "they're trying to get in and we've told them multiple times they need to leave."

She then attempts to describe Chancellor's crew (three Black people, including the NFL star, and two white) as, "I don't know if they're homeless kids... I know there used to be a lot of heroin addicts around here."

Wow... just... wow.

Chancellor nor any one of his friends were arrested, with police even telling TMZ that the NFL star was a "super nice guy."

Does this not reek of racial profiling by the gym?

We're glad Kam is taking his business elsewhere.


Kam Chancellor is arguably the best safety in the NFL.

Try telling that to two women in Redmond, Washington, though.

The Seattle Seahawks' star safety took to his Twitter account Wednesday to share a story about two women who called the police on him, after thinking that he was trying to rob a gym — a property he was looking to invest in.

Really, ladies? What ignorance.

Although Chancellor seemed to handle the situation well, it wasn't any laughing matter.

Good for you, Kam. Take your business somewhere more deserving... somewhere you don't get accused for nonsense.

Although details, aside from what Chancellor mentioned, are stark, this reeks of racial profiling.

We're sure Kam's gym will thrive in a more deserving city.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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