Look: NBA Fans Are Dragging Jamie Foxx for Removing Kobe Bryant From a List of Hoop Greats

Jamie Foxx, Kobe Bryant

Look: NBA Fans Are Dragging Jamie Foxx for Removing Kobe Bryant From a List of Hoop Greats

One guy even told him to stick to acting.

Published January 5, 2017

Appearing on ESPN's NBA Countdown on Wednesday night, Jamie Foxx was hit with a perplexing hoops question.

The box-office superstar was shown a meme of six NBA greats: Hakeem Olajuwon, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The premise? Which Hall of Famer or future Hall of Famer would Foxx leave off a team.

Within seconds, Jamie rattled off Kobe's name and people began dragging the comedian/actor with zero chill, making sure he felt every bit of the Black Mamba's fans' equally venomous bite.

His explanation only added to the roasting of his unpopular choice.

"The only reason I’m saying it is because, if we’re trying to build a team, I think the team aspect of the players is a little different than the Kobe Bryant of…," Foxx tried to explain on the show.

Coincidentally, retired NBA player Jalen Rose was seated to his left and the former guard was once notoriously on the receiving end of an absurd 81-point scoring explosion from Bryant back in January 2006. Yeah, something tells us Jalen wouldn't have removed Kobe from that list.

Check out the internet meme that started the conversation and Foxx's quick decision followed by the best of the dragging that ensued. Damn, Jamie! You did it to yourself.

[Warning: Some tweets contain profanity].

  1. Jamie Didn't Flinch Removing Kobe

    Who's out🤔

    A photo posted by Tray Mac (@tmac213) on

    That split-second answer is all it took to set Kobe fans off.

  2. Hairline Slander

    Damn, homie took it there on you, Jamie.

  3. Stick To Acting

    This fan seems to appreciate watching the actor on the big screen rather than seeing him weigh in on hoops debates for ESPN. Do you agree?

  4. 5 Rings, Bruh

    It's hard to argue with the five rings the Black Mamba snagged en route to a certain Hall of Fame entry in his near future. He had to be somewhat of a team player for all that hardware, right?

  5. Shots Fired: Jamie and Jalen Down!

    Sheesh! Can't say this isn't #FACTS, either.

  6. Enough Said

    On a good night, hey, you never know. We could get a repeat performance.

  7. Did Jamie Body Himself?

    In other words, pick anyone but Kobe to remove from this list of NBA legends.

  8. Bye, Jamie!

    How are you gonna do the man who played Ray like that?

  9. Staples Center Ban?

    *Foxx, but we understand the hate and Staples Center-ban campaign.

  10. Well, At Least One Fan Agrees

    This fan either loves Jamie or has something against Kobe.

  11. If You Say So

    What!? The retired, five-time NBA champion's face says it all here.

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Written by BET Staff

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