Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Says Being Biracial Allows Him to 'Connect With Everyone' on the Team

Dak Prescott

Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Says Being Biracial Allows Him to 'Connect With Everyone' on the Team

And one of his teammates anonymously agreed.

Published January 11, 2017

Dak Prescott's rookie year has been about as seamless and successful as the NFL has ever seen from a first-year quarterback, with the 23-year-old leading the Dallas Cowboys to 13-3 record and NFC East title.

And Prescott has a theory on why he has been able to excel as a young leader of America's team.

He thinks being bi-racial allows him to perfectly navigate the Cowboys' diverse locker room and relate to players regardless of their background.

“Being bi-racial and being from the country, I can talk to guys like Travis Frederick from Wisconsin and Doug Free from Wisconsin,” Prescott, who's from Louisiana, told USA Today Sports about the two Cowboys offensive linemen. “And then I can go over and talk to Dez Bryant. I mean, think about the two different standpoints you need to have a real conversation with both, to really understand what they’ve been through. I don’t think many can do it. For me, it’s not hard. I’m blessed because it’s natural.”

Prescott credits his upbringing for that.

“I grew up in Haughton, Louisiana,” Prescott continued telling the publication. “I go to my white grandparents’ house and then I cross the railroad tracks and hang out with my Black grandma. We have English teachers on my white side. My grandpa is a principal. And then you go to the other side and people have been in jail."

He added that the blend of experiences has him perfectly set up for this role as a young QB, leading the NFL team with the biggest spotlight on it.

“I was put in all those different situations," he added. "I’ve been in situations where I was the only Black guy. We’re in a time now where nobody wants to see that. But it still happens. Depending on where you come from, it happens. To be able to wipe that clean and see and live both sides, it’s just who I am. Being mixed allows me to connect with everyone.”

Interesting take. What are your thoughts about Prescott feeling like he's able to relate with everyone because he's mixed?

Well, for what it's worth, one of Dak's white teammates, who asked to remain anonymous, told USA Today Sports that Prescott relates to the squad's players better than longtime QB Tony Romo.

“Not to crap on Tony, because he has done so much for this team, but no matter how hard he’ll try, there are just some things that he can’t do, some ways that he can’t connect with some of the guys in here like Dak can,” he said.

There's no doubt that Prescott has dazzled his rookie campaign, throwing for 3,667 yards and 23 touchdowns with just four interceptions.

However, his biggest test to date will come Sunday, when he leads his Cowboys at home against the Green Bay Packers in an NFC divisional-round playoff clash.

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Written by BET Staff

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