Look: People Dragged LeBron James to Hell for Flopping Against Draymond Green Last Night

LeBron James

Look: People Dragged LeBron James to Hell for Flopping Against Draymond Green Last Night

One meme had a concerned Simba from "Lion King" over his fallen body.

Published January 17, 2017

Not much went the Cleveland Cavaliers' way against the Golden State Warriors on Monday night — especially LeBron James's flop attempt against Draymond Green.

When the Warriors' All-Star forward collided with King James via a hard-nosed, open-court foul in the second quarter, LeBron exaggerated royally, falling hard on his back before laying motionless face-down for a few seconds afterward.

Green instantly responded by mocking James for flopping before being whistled for a flagrant-one foul.

But that was only the beginning of the slander that hit King James, as people took to social media and began dragging LeBron with zero chill after the Cavs' loss.

Here's the foul that got everyone talking and the best roasting that ensued thereafter.

  1. Down Goes King James!

    🔥🤔 Down goes LeBron James.... wait for Draymond Green mocking him at the end 💀

    A video posted by Sports Videos - Fanatics View (@thefanaticsview) on

    Oh, people definitely let LeBron know what they thought about his flop.

  2. Say It Ain't So, Simba

    The internet has no chill 😩 #LebronJames

    A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

    Only the internet would drag Simba into this, hovering over the fallen body of King James like it was Mufasa. No chill whatsoever.

  3. Draymond As #SaltBae

    In other words, just a sprinkle from Draymond sent King James careening down to the hardwood with a hard thud. Classic!

  4. Simba With The Cavs Hat

    Who knew that Simba was a Cavs fan? Sometimes a bright idea on social media only gets better and better. This is one of those occasions.

  5. Sleep With One Eye Open

    Draymond made sure that LeBron cried himself to sleep.

  6. Warriors Came Out To Play!


  7. Hide and Seek?

    We're dead over this one. Real tears.

  8. Football Player, Huh?

    After the game, James tried to laugh off the foul and flop by saying that he's a "football player." That only made the Instagram slander that much rougher.

  9. Fit For a King

    #livelookin #lebronjames #nba #cavsvswarriors #jordanface #lol #curry #dubs #oakland #townbizzness

    A photo posted by Aron (@viper510) on

    The Michael Jordan crying meme never gets old.

Written by BET Staff

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