Watch: Stephen A. Smith Is Getting Slammed for Defending Steve Harvey's Meeting With Trump

Stephen A. Smith

Watch: Stephen A. Smith Is Getting Slammed for Defending Steve Harvey's Meeting With Trump

One person told the ESPN personality that the president-elect "will never support the Black community."

Published January 17, 2017

People continue to weigh in on Steve Harvey's controversial meeting with Donald Trump.

One of those people happens to be Stephen A. Smith.

The longtime sports personality used the "Final Take" segment on ESPN's First Take on Monday to defend the comedian's meeting with the president-elect, imploring that "perhaps it is time for all of us to see the big picture, to essentially pay more attention to the issues permeating our society, what it will take to resolve them, and connecting ourselves to who we can ultimately hold accountable rather than focusing on disdain for that very individual in a position to make a difference, knowing that is not going to get us anywhere."

In other words, he wants the Black community to give Trump a chance.

And within minutes of making the take, people began dragging Stephen A. with absolutely zero chill.

Check out Smith's statement, defending Harvey's meeting with Trump and people roasting the ESPN talking head for it.

  1. Stephen A. Defends Harvey's Meeting With Trump

    Stephen A.'s "Final Take" was enough to set off outrage on Twitter.

  2. Actions Speak Louder

    People are still waiting.

  3. 'Be Real,' Stephen A.

    Until we see concrete action, why should we believe anything else?

  4. Not Having It

    Apparently, Joey just wants Stephen A. to stop talking.

  5. Speak to The Right People

    Many Americans share that same latter sentiment about the president-elect not representing us.

  6. Acknowledgment without the Respect

    Yes, Donald Trump will be the president by the end of the week. But respect must be earned.

  7. Lost At Least One Fan

    That's Joshua's "Final Take."

  8. Salute To T.I.

    Did Steve Harvey and subsequently Stephen A. fall for Trump's bait?

  9. Still Waiting

    Bloop! Talk to 'em!

  10. Grow Up, Donald!

    What are the chances that Trump goes on a Twitter rant about this?

  11. No Chill

    Welp. One who always speaks with conviction, Stephen A. had to see some of this backlash coming.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for D'USSE)


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